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7 Factors That Affect Title Insurance Cost

The cost to buy a home includes much more than the home itself. By the end of the home buying process, the total purchase price swells to include an array of closing costs, among them title insurance. While you probably cannot eliminate the exp...

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Earnest Money: What Is It & Why Do You Have It?

Home buying is both a destination and a journey. The process of buying a home involves many steps, including the provision of an earnest money deposit. If homeownership is your desired destination, then you should learn more about earnest money...

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Wire Fraud is Growing: Are You Prepared?

Less than a decade ago, wire transfers were considered the gold standard for large, electronic transactions. Buying a house, investing, and sending money overseas all required an official wire transfer initiated from your bank to the recipient'...

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Why You Shouldn’t Send a Wire Transfer

You've worked hard, saved up your 20% down payment, found the perfect place. You’re finally ready to buy a house. Except, you are about to embark on a journey of numerous, tedious transactions: writing personal checks, sending a wire transfer...

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