Dhruvi Patel20220330123623

Dhruvi Patel

March 30, 20220
Tell us a little more about your role and what a “day in the life” looks like. On my average day of work, I start the day with coffee and checking my ...
Christina Chan20220301060026

Christina Chan

March 1, 20220
Since joining SD Capital Funding in 2016, Christina Chan has been an integral part of the team throughout the company’s growth and expansion to the pr...
Jordan Lay20220207124454

Jordan Lay

February 7, 20220
Jordan Lay started with LemonBrew Lending as a Business Process Analyst and is now a Senior Project Manager with LemonBrew Technologies celebrating hi...
Jillian Albano20220111100005

Jillian Albano

January 11, 20220
This month, our Corporate Trainer, Jillian Albano, is celebrating her one-year work anniversary with LemonBrew! She partners with our different leader...
Anna Grace Robitaille20211201025939

Anna Grace Robitaille

December 1, 20210
Anna Grace Robitaille has been an Accounting Analyst for LemonBrew Technologies since August 2020. Supporting all of the LemonBrew verticals, she is r...
Wilson Gregory20211102155420

Wilson Gregory

November 2, 20210
Wilson Gregory joined LemonBrew Lending one year ago this month as a Senior Lock Desk Analyst. In this role, Wilson is responsible for ensuring all re...
Kristi Direnzo20211007151848

Kristi Direnzo

October 7, 20210
When Kristi Direnzo joined the company in 2016, she did not have any experience in the Mortgage Industry, but because of the company culture, she felt...
Kendall Hyman20210901162154

Kendall Hyman

September 1, 20210
Kendall Hyman joined LemonBrew Abstract in November 2020 as a Title Support Specialist, and in March of this year she transferred to LemonBrew Insuran...
Becky Duve20210807041812

Becky Duve

August 7, 20210
Rebecca “Becky” Duve is a Title Processor with LemonBrew Abstract. Originally hired as a Title Opener in January 2021, she was recently promoted to Ti...
Kathryn Ruland20210701151100

Kathryn Ruland

July 1, 20210
Kathryn “Kat” Ruland has been a MLO with LemonBrew Lending since February 2021.  She describes herself as loyal, resourceful, and creative.  While eac...