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Affiliated Businesses

LemonBrew Technologies Corp. (“LemonBrew”) has a business relationship with LemonBrew Abstract. (“LemonBrew Abstract”) which provides title insurance, title search and settlement services. Specifically, LemonBrew Abstract is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LemonBrew. Because of this relationship, this referral may provide LemonBrew a financial or other benefit. You are NOT required to use the listed provider(s) as a condition for the purchase or sale of the subject property or to obtain access to any settlement service with respect to such property. THERE ARE FREQUENTLY OTHER SETTLEMENT SERVICE PROVIDERS AVAILABLE WITH SIMILAR SERVICES. YOU ARE FREE TO SHOP AROUND TO DETERMINE THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING THE BEST SERVICES AND THE BEST RATE FOR THESE SERVICES.

Provider of Settlement Services
LemonBrew Abstract, LLC
517 Route 1 South
Suite 4002
Iselin, NJ 08830