Are LemonBrew Partner Agents Bots?

With all of the advances in AI technology over the past few years, it is a common experience to wonder if our online communications are with a real human being or a bot. In fact, some of our customers have wondered that very thing. Our agents respond to customers quickly and efficiently, and people wonder, are LemonBrew partner agents bots or real people? Believe it or not (but you should believe it!) every agent you connect with through LemonBrew is a real person. We do use technology in our platform, but it isn’t the kind of AI that keeps you wondering if you’re speaking with a human or a device. Want to know more? Here’s how LemonBrew really works.


What is a Bot, Anyway?


Internet bots have been around for a long time. They were originally introduced as web crawlers, tasked with indexing new websites. Essentially, bots are computer programs assigned with automating specific tasks (like indexing websites).


In the more recent past, chatbots emerged on the scene as a method for companies to automate the communication between customer service representatives and the customer. Advances in AI technology has given businesses the ability to incorporate bots that can personalize responses, coming across as almost (but not quite) human.


In other instances, bots can be used on social media platforms, where they post content related to certain keywords and hashtags thousands of times per day.


LemonBrew Partner Agents: Real People Serving You


When you sign up to be matched with a LemonBrew partner real estate agent, we connect you with a real person. Our partner agents have been vetted by our team and are highly qualified professionals who work for some of the largest real estate brokerages in the nation like Coldwell Banker, Century21, RE/MAX and Keller-Williams, as well the nation’s largest cloud-based broker eXp Realty and market-leading regional brokerages like Allen Tate.


These agents are quick to respond and ready to help you buy or sell your next home. Because of their efficient response-time, LemonBrew customers sometimes wonder if they are being connected with a bot.


While chatbots are certainly found on some real estate platforms, at no point on the LemonBrew journey will you interact with AI bots. We do use highly advanced technology to connect you with our expert agents, but every interaction you have with LemonBrew is connected to a real person. Although a bot may be able to keep the initial conversation going, it cannot connect with you on an emotional level and really understand your needs. We understand the home-buying experience is super personal and emotional and a bot simply cannot replace that human touch.


How LemonBrew’s Technology Works


Instead of AI chatbots, LemonBrew uses sophisticated algorithms to help match you with the most qualified real estate agent in your area. We are focused on bringing real agents, with specialized qualifications, straight to you, so you can get the most out of your real estate experience.


Every agent in our partner program is hyper-local (they have incredible knowledge of specific cities, neighborhoods, developments, and new construction projects) and qualified to assist you with your home sale or purchase.


The matching algorithm is designed to use your housing needs, financial latitude, and location to determine which LemonBrew partner agent has the experience and expertise to make your real estate process simple and smooth. LemonBrew’s proprietary algorithm presents you with profiles of the top 3 best Partner Agents and lets you choose who to work with, putting the buyer in control.


Instead of searching through reviews, chatting (unknowingly) with a million different bots, and asking friend after friend for recommendations, you can connect quickly and easily with a real agent who is ready to serve your real estate needs.


Find Your Agent on LemonBrew


Ready to learn more? LemonBrew partner agents are just a click away. Get matched with your real estate agent today and save up to 2% on reduced listing fees when you sell or receive a buyer commission rebate at closing. Don’t waste time chatting with bots when you can connect with real, qualified agents.