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How a Real Estate Title Transfer Works

By Christina Chan on October 27, 2020
Let's tackle one of the big questions anyone in the process of homeownership asks: "how a real estate title transfe...
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Do Hardwood Floors Increase Home Value?

By Caitlin Rutten on October 22, 2020
Whether you’re thinking about selling your house soon or just want to make some home improvements, you might be c...
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7 Factors That Will Affect Your Home Loan Rate

By Christina Chan on October 18, 2020
Whether you’re about to buy your first house or your fifth house, you’re probably familiar with mortgage loan i...
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Real Estate Title Company Basics: Four Things to Look For

By Caitlin Rutten on October 15, 2020
Have questions about where the real estate title company fits into the homeownership process? We understand com...
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How do Real Estate Referral Fees Work?

By Christina Chan on October 11, 2020
Here's a question that real estate agents, real estate brokers, and home buyers ask all the time: how do real estat...
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What are Jumbo Mortgage Rates?

By Christina Chan on October 9, 2020
If the house you have your eye on happens to cost about double the average home in the U.S., you’re probably goin...
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What Does Title Insurance Cover

By Caitlin Rutten on October 5, 2020
"What does title insurance cover" is a question that just about every potential homeowner asks themselves during th...
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The Best Real Estate Agents Know These 4 Things

By Caitlin Rutten on October 1, 2020
Every real estate agent is trying to be one of the best out there. Not only are things like effort, commitment, kno...
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When Is Private Mortgage Insurance Required?

By Caitlin Rutten on September 28, 2020
PMI. Most home buyers have it, but many don't know why. If you've ever had a conventional mortgage or currently are...
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