Deck the Halls with These 2020 Holiday Decor Trends

This year’s holiday season marks not only the festive weeks we always look forward to—but also the end of 2020, finally! That and the fact we’ll all be spending a little more time at home are great reasons to really go big on holiday decorations this year. If you need some ideas on where to begin, learning about the latest holiday decor trends should give you some inspiration. So grab a glass of eggnog and check out what kind of decor design experts have predicted will be extra popular this year!

Farmhouse Style

You’ve probably noticed how popular farmhouse decor has been in recent years. From a farmhouse sink in the kitchen to shiplap on the walls of the family room, people just love how cozy and classic this style is. And according to Google Trends, this type of home decor is here to stay for a while longer, as it’s still among the most common searches for home styles. So maybe you aren’t surprised to see that farmhouse decor is a big trend for the holidays in 2020.

If you’re not sure how to decorate your home with farmhouse decor for the holidays, just keep in mind that this style is all about being warm, comfortable, and natural—usually with a mix of old and new. So as you start to transform your home into holiday central using farmhouse decor, make sure you have a few important details, like red berries and plaid prints sprinkled throughout the house.

Natural wooden decor and festive sayings on signs made of burlap material are also nice farmhouse holiday touches. Throw in some mixed metals that look a little aged—like slightly rusted jingle bells or metal stars as tree toppers—and you’ve got some cute farmhouse holiday decor for your home!

Navy Blue

Traditional colors for Christmas decorations tend to be red, green, and white. But this holiday season, navy blue is going to be pretty popular when it comes to festive decorations. Fortunately, this color pairs well with white—which you already know if you celebrate Hanukkah and have been combining blue and white during the holidays for years! And of course, navy blue looks great with red. But it also looks good next to silver, platinum, and gold—which is perfect if you want to incorporate some metal into your holiday decor.

If you want to try using navy blue to deck the halls, think about buying a blue Christmas tree skirt. Or better yet, get a tree skirt in a blue and white plaid pattern so you can combine two of this year’s holiday decor trends! You can also buy a blue and silver Christmas tree for your home. And no matter what holiday you celebrate, you can get blue pillows and comfortable blue throws for your couch to decorate for the season. Of course, you can also wrap your holiday gifts in pretty blue and silver paper and top them off with plaid blue ribbons.

Vintage Holiday Decor

This year more than ever, people are feeling nostalgic, and you can’t blame them. Don’t we all wish it was 2019 again, or really any other year? On top of that, now is a great time to save some money and the planet by recycling whenever possible. All of that adds up to one of this year’s holiday décor trends: vintage decorations.

In other words, this is the best year to finally take your parents up on their offer of letting you go through their old decorations, which may classify as antiques by now. If your family isn’t offering up any old holiday decor, and your grandma won’t let you go through her attic to dig for some antique decorations, you’ll have to rely on yard sales and thrift stores for some vintage decor.

Some of the most popular festive decorations from yesteryear include ceramic trees and traditional nutcracker statues. But if you find some rusted jingle bells or stocking holders with faded paint, you can still get in on this holiday decor trend!

Natural Decor

Another way to change up your festive decorations this year is by going the natural route. This means displaying lots of wood and foliage in your home, such as through wreaths, mistletoe, and sprigs of holly. And having a few real Christmas trees in different sizes throughout your house is an easy way to bring nature into your home this holiday season.

You might have also noticed the trend of simple wooden signs with festive sayings on them. You can buy these pretty cheaply at the store or even make these yourself. Either way, they’re an easy way to bring the natural decor trend—as well as farmhouse style!—into the holiday season in 2020.

Artificial Snow

As much as a real tree topped with genuine snow makes for an authentic holiday feel, it’s not real practical to have in your house! But you can try out the next best thing: artificial snow, which is also referred to as flocking. Expect to see a lot more of this as 2020 draws to a close—especially in areas where it doesn’t snow in the winter. It may be wishful thinking, but hey, this is definitely the year to do whatever you can to make those dreams come true, even if it means adding fake snow to all your holiday decor.

Of course, the most popular place to put artificial snow is on artificial Christmas trees, which seems fitting. But you can also sprinkle it on the tablecloth that sits on your dining room table, on your tree skirt, and inside your little Christmas village. You can even make fake snow part of your outdoor Christmas decor, as you can put it on your roof or lawn. Basically, feel free to go a little wild with the artificial snow this year. You deserve the extra holiday cheer!

Lots of Bright Lights

String lights have always been a big part of holiday decor, but this year they’re even more noticeable. If you’re wondering if your house has too many lights, don’t worry. It doesn’t, as it seems like there’s no such thing as too many string lights this year! Just choose the colors that you most prefer and enjoy the sparkle that these entertaining essentials bring to your home. You can also branch out from string lights by hanging lighted orbs from your trees outside, giving your foliage a glowing, festive look!

If you’re looking to save a little money on your electricity bill, go with LED lights, as these last the longest without using much energy. You can put these outside or inside, or even on your tree if yours isn’t pre-lit. And speaking of tree lights, think about getting battery operated string lights if your tree isn’t close to an outlet. These types of lights often come with a timer, remote control, and the option to customize the colors and brightness, so they’re definitely a step up from the old ones you might have lying around the house.

If you can’t picture any of these decor trends cheering you up this holiday season, maybe it’s because you’re not in the right home for your family. But you can work on changing that before the holidays are even here by hiring a real estate agent and starting the search for your dream home! If you don’t have an agent yet and want to get started, contact LemonBrew today to find a Partner Agent who can guide you through the home buying process as the holidays approach.