A Guide to Keep Your Online Data Safe

The internet is a vast resource that you can easily explore as a real estate company. Technology has created an ease of doing everything online, including keeping client records and transactions. This data needs to be safe and remain confidential to build trust with clients and ensure a successful business. However, any data kept online is easy to hack, so you need to implement extra measures to ensure your company data is not hacked. For companies that deal with large amounts of data and money, like real estate companies, the extra security is crucial to reduce the risks of cyber threats and attacks. Here are things you can do to ensure your online data is secure.

Change Passwords Regularly

To keep your data safe, use strong passwords that are unique to your company, and avoid using personal data like birth dates or names. Change them regularly and use a mix of capital letters, numbers, symbols when creating the password. Strong and frequently changed passwords minimize the risk of being hacked if the device gets stolen or lost. Getting hacked could lead to the loss of information about clients or transactions made through this device across all networks. To increase security, you could regularly find out which passwords have been compromised then change any accounts passwords that use them.

Look Into a VPN for Your Business

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is great for keeping your data company data secure. This is because VPN technology routes all the signals and information passing between devices through an added security layer, which makes it safer than using public networks like free Wi-Fi hotspots. A VPN will allow you to stay on the same network your employees use and find out how they are using it. While there are still advanced hacking techniques that can bypass a VPN, it is a great step to take to improve your business’s security.

Be Smart About Your Internet Browsing Habits

This is an old rule in the book. You have to be smart about the sites you visit because some are hotbeds for criminal activity. This should also apply to file-sharing networks, online signatures, and cloud storage. Keep an eye on the URL of websites you are visiting because some may be different from what it is supposed to look like. For example, a fake version of a bank’s website could exist, with substandard security standards that hackers can exploit to gain access to personal details or even financial transactions. Always double-check before entering any forms or submitting information through these sites.

Implement a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) System

To ensure data security, you should implement a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system. This means that for anyone to gain access to your company data, more than one layer of security will be needed. This could include a password and an additional piece of information like a unique code that is sent through another channel such as email or SMS. Note: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) implements multiple layers of authentication techniques into the log-in process for enhanced protection against hackers gaining access to accounts without authorization. If you have not implemented MFA yet, you can use OneLogin to set up your MFA system. OneLogin provides businesses with the control they need to secure their data and access it online. It’s important not to store any MFA codes on the same device as your other log-in details because if you lose that device and can’t access it anymore, then hackers could gain access to all of your accounts.

Use LemonBrew Pay for Real Estate Transactions

To ensure the safety of your data when you do real estate transactions, use LemonBrew Abstract as your title provider. When you work with LemonBrew Abstract, you gain access to LemonBrew Pay, a closing payment software that allows you to securely transfer funds electronically. With it’s single sign-on capabilities and bank-level encryption, our platform offers a high level of security to our clients and protects them from unauthorized access or theft. LemonBrew Pay is easy to use and allows everyone involved in the transaction to know where funds are at all times. We’re skipping paper checks and opting for electronic fund transfers to keep our clients safe and make real estate closings even quicker.

When it comes to creating accounts, like for LemonBrew Pay, add a passcode lock on your device for extra protection against hackers, don’t share personal details like passwords across different devices in case one is lost or stolen, and avoid using free Wi-Fi hotspots. If possible, only connect the internet through a secure connection (when available) which can help prevent malware from being installed without your knowledge onto any device connected via public networks. A secured network encrypts all web traffic so no one can intercept or monitor your online activity. This makes it much more difficult for a hacker to access the information you are sending and receiving from devices connected over this network.

Securing your online data is important because it is one of the ways you can protect your business. As a real estate company, you should ensure that all employees follow security protocols when they connect with their devices. It gives an added layer of protection in case any unauthorized access or disclosure occurs through email, device, network, and social media channels. You don’t want hackers to access any files or transactions because that will compromise your business. It is important to follow all the ways mentioned above of securing online data to keep your company safe.

About the Author

Elizabeth Jett is a Public Relations Specialist for OneLogin. She enjoys writing educational pieces for readers to learn new things.