4 Remodeling Projects That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

If you want to increase the value of your home, remodeling is the most effective way to do it. By adding new materials and features that are popular, you can raise your home’s value by a significant margin. Of course, there are many different types of remodeling projects you could try, so let’s take a look at some of the best remodeling projects for 2020 to help give you some ideas.

1. Handrail Installation

Handrails have become popular as of late, mostly due to increased interest in “aging in place”. Those who want to age in place or provide additional safety for any elderly or disabled visitors have found the addition of new, high-quality handrails to be very valuable. Not only are these handrails sleek and stylish, they provide additional safety and make your home much more valuable to a certain demographic as a result.

2. New Countertops

The oldest and most reliable remodeling project might be the installation of some new countertops. Always a profitable move, installing some new quartz countertops right now would be an especially lucrative decision, considering that they’re trending big in 2020. Quartz countertops are both beautiful and super durable, able to resist stains, heat, chipping, and other types of wear and tear commonly found on lower-quality countertops.

3. New Siding

Installing some new siding is another excellent way to increase the value of your home. New siding can give your home a total exterior makeover and bring it up to speed in terms of what colors and styles are trending. One option to consider right now would be white board and batten siding. It’s elegant and unique while providing a rustic vibe that many home buyers find attractive right now.

4. Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets that you can adjust to your liking are the best way to convenience yourself and add value to your home. Not only are they an “aging in place” feature, they’re stylish and make your life just a little bit easier when it comes to brushing your teeth, cleaning dishes, and washing your hands. They can also help save water and bring down your energy bill.

Investing to Boost Your Home’s Value is a Smart Move

If you have the money to remodel, it’s almost always a wise choice when it comes to adding value to your home. The market is always changing so adding a new feature here or there that people are high on right now is one of the most consistently effective ways to raise the value of your home.

Whether you want to splurge on some new quartz countertops, white board and batten siding, sleek handrails, or touchless faucets, each of these remodeling projects can boost your property value and help you sell for a better price when the time comes.

There are many ways to raise your home’s value, but by implementing one or more of the projects we’ve laid out here today, you’re almost certain to see a definite bump in the value of your home.

Written by Matt Lee

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.