Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ladies and gentlemen, we made it! Longer, warmer days are in our near future and the #BrewCrew is here for it. Nature is about to show off its rebirth by blooming flowers and emerging in green, so we should make a Spring comeback too! It’s time to get rid of the cobwebs, let the sunshine in, and our homes for the new season, by Spring cleaning. This is especially important if you’re thinking of selling in this hot, Spring real estate market.

Not only does Spring cleaning make your house look good, it also makes you feel good! There’s something about decluttering and organizing that rejuvenates you, and what better time than when the weather is perking up? Decrease stress and increase productivity this season by keeping things tidy and relaxing in your new-found zen space.

From ceiling fans to baseboards and everything in between and outside, this guide will leave your home feeling (& smelling) fresh and brand new. Let’s grab our lemon-yellow cleaning gloves and get to work on 2022 Spring cleaning. 

Spring cleaning may not be the time to wear your brand new sweatshirt or matching set, but it is the time to pull out that old, comfy go-to that’s covered in stains and memories. Make sure your clothes are comfortable, moveable, and most importantly, ready to get a little down and dirty.

We know cleaning, especially Spring cleaning, isn’t your favorite weekend pastime, but who said you can’t make it more fun? Turn on a playlist that gets you pumped and motivated! No one’s judging if you want to use your broom as a microphone when your song comes on. We recommend ‘spring cleaning’ on Spotify.

Keep a notepad with you! As you go through all of your things, make a list of what to donate, what to replace, and what you need to buy to be more organized, efficient, or aesthetic

The Golden List: Do This Everywhere

It was just cold and flu season, make sure you sanitize everything, especially…

  • Light-switch panels
  • Electrical outlets
  • Door knobs
  • Hardware
  • Remotes
  • Faucets


See how you can make your home more earth-friendly and energy-efficient…

  • Replace all lightbulbs with energy-efficient bulbs
  • Choose other materials over single-use plastics, especially for organization
  • Start, if you haven’t already, recycling and composting properly


You have a lot of appliances in your home and unfortunately, most of them don’t clean themselves. Here’s a list of some to hit during Spring cleaning…

  • Washing machine
  • Dryer & Dryer vent
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Vent Hood
  • Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

Living Spaces

Ah, your living space. The place with the most traffic, eyes, and usually, stuff. Organization is key in this area and we’re so glad that boho baskets are in right now because they make for the perfect “in sight, out of mind” cubby. Since you and your guests are in this space most, it’s important to declutter, flip couch cushions, and rotate rugs so nothing gets worn out too quickly. 


Your kitchen is the heart of your home and just like your heart, it holds a lot of stuff. While you’re Spring cleaning, see if you can rearrange things to better suit your cooking and living style. Don’t use that waffle maker you wished for as much as you thought you would? Stick it in the back corner cabinet and bring the toaster to the front for easy access. Keeping your kitchen clean and organized makes cooking more fun and much easier. Then, maybe consider hosting brunch in your freshly clean home and whip out that waffle maker and pour some mimosas.


Your bedroom: your safe space, your place to sleep and be comfortable. It’s not easy to feel safe, comfortable, or relaxed if there is stuff everywhere or if you don’t like the way your sheets feel. This is the space to splurge on the comfort factor because we spend a third of our lives sleeping and sleep is important to our overall health. PSA, get a white noise machine, you’ll thank us later.


This is the one room we all dread cleaning, especially if you aren’t your only roommate. Splash marks on the mirror, clogged drains, and random hair everywhere…we get it. Pull up those lemon-yellow gloves and get it done. The reward of the nice feeling once it’s clean, with a freshly lit candle, and a bubble bath running is hard to beat! Don’t forget to go through all your products and toss the out-of-date stuff. 


Whether you use your home office as your actual workspace, or just somewhere to keep all your important documents and information, you need to keep it clean and organized for it to be used most efficiently. No more forgetting where your birth-certificate is or wondering if you forgot to pay that bill! Cut down on the paper and storage issues by going paperless on all of your bills and statements, your mailbox and Mother Earth will thank you.


Spring cleaning the outside of your home is just as, if not more important than cleaning the interior. Maintaining the exterior of your house can prevent damage and prolong large, expensive projects like replacing your roof, siding, or pavement. Whether you’re in your forever home or not, you want your home’s curb appeal to shine bright and be the best on the block, so grab the hose and get to work. 

You Deserve It!

Finally, if Spring cleaning really isn’t your jam, bribe yourself with a reward when you finish. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a vintage rug for your bedroom or planning a dream vacation all winter, make it happen once the cleaning is done and you’ll be surprised by the motivation it brings you! If that doesn’t work, you can always outsource to a cleaning company or even tack on a little extra to your kids’ allowances. Alternatively, follow one of our favorite accounts on Instagram, @gocleanco, for all the cleaning inspo & awesome tips you can imagine!

Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram with pictures of your gleaming homes, the cleaning playlist you chose, or before and afters; we’ll be sure to share them! As always, if you need help with anything real estate, we’d love to help! See lemonbrew.com for more about perks of doing business with LemonBrew.

Happy Spring Cleaning!