Why I Decided to Become a Real Estate Agent

Have you ever wondered why people decide to become a real estate agent? Agents come in all varieties, like Jim who watches those NYC agents on TV and thinks if he’s crafty he’ll hit the big time. Then, there’s Alice who wants something to do since her kids are grown and she spends most of her time lunching with friends. But, neither of those reasons are good ones for becoming a real estate agent.

Unfortunately, real estate attracts people who just want to make a quick buck, who don’t want to put the work in to become experts at managing real estate transactions, or who don’t care that much about their clients and don’t pay attention to the details.

When you think about it, a professional full-time real estate agent plays an important role in your life, whether you’re a buyer or seller. Done well, the job includes elements of a coach, educator, counselor, appraiser, accountant, negotiator, and interior designer. Agents help buyers and sellers during one of the most expensive transactions of their lives. And, you can spot a professional from a mile away.

We asked seven agents in the LemonBrew network why they became agents. Their reasons were different, but they all contained a common thread: they care about people and using their knowledge to help their clients make the best real estate decisions. That’s the kind of agent you want to work with.

1. To make sure that people looking for the American Dream get fair treatment

The process of buying or selling real estate has many moving parts. Professional real estate agents know that you need education during the process to feel comfortable, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. You don’t buy or sell real estate all the time, and the rules change a lot. It’s the agent’s responsibility to confirm that you know how the decisions you make will affect you.

Theresa Kehler is an agent associated with eXp Realty in Pennsylvania. She works hard to make sure her clients know how and when to stand up for themselves:

My reason for becoming a Real Estate agent was simple. I wanted to help families realize the American dream of homeownership while ensuring they were getting treated fairly and were educated in the process along the way. Every person should feel secure in their housing and be able to trust the professionals helping them get there. I love to work with first-time buyers and entry-level investors to help them learn the process and make informed decisions.”

2. To use construction and negotiation skills to create enjoyable experiences

A real estate agent who is knowledgeable about home construction and renovation can definitely help you when you’re selecting a new home. You typically need to make compromises since no house meets every family’s requirements. An agent who knows about construction can help you spot construction issues and get an idea if renovations are possible to get that new laundry room on the second floor that you’ve been wanting.

Michael Wilson is a North Carolina agent at MW Homes. He uses his background in construction to counsel his clients.

I became a real estate agent so I could leverage my years of experience in HOME building and renovating to help my clients in the selection process and to manage the process of purchasing one of the largest assets of their life. My ability to negotiate complex contractual deals along with my extensive communication skills makes the transaction experience very enjoyable.”

3. To help people overcome obstacles to achieve real estate goals

Buying, selling, and investing can present obstacles for anyone. You may not find what you’re looking for, you may have financing issues, or you may be hesitant to invest. A professional real estate agent can make all the difference in helping you work through those issues.

eXp Realty is the professional home of Kim Crayton in Georgia. She knows the pleasure of helping people and establishing friendships at the same time.

I initially got into real estate as an investor. Then, my love for helping people extended to encouraging and helping people to overcome obstacles to achieve homeownership. Real estate, for many, will be the largest transaction a person will make in their life.

As their trusted advisor, it gives me great joy knowing that I helped them navigate the process of buying, selling, or investing in real estate. The joy and excitement on my client’s face, once they have achieved their real estate goal, is very rewarding. However, it’s the lifelong relationships that I build is the absolute best benefit of my career!”

4. To help buyers and sellers as an advisor and coach

It’s easy to make mistakes when buying a home. And, selling a home has its own set of pitfalls. Think of real estate agents as you would a football or tennis coach. They watch your moves carefully to spot potential problems before you make mistakes that could be costly and frustrating.

That’s one of the goals Nicholas Whitson of GA Realty Associates at eXp Realty in Georgia works toward. His clients benefit from his knowledge and attention to detail.

“I decided to become a real estate agent to help buyers make informed decisions when purchasing a new property and to help protect sellers to make sure they get the most they can for their properties. I found that many buyers, especially first time home buyers were making mistakes because agents were acting as sales reps and not as real estate advisors and coaches.

Every purchase is an opportunity to learn and increase your livelihood. I consider myself more than an agent, I’m an advisor and coach. My goal is to help you make the best choice for you and your real estate goals and plans.”

5. To help buyers figure out what they want

It may seem that buyers must know exactly what they want, but that isn’t usually the case. You’ll probably be mulling over a ton of questions. Would you be willing to go over your budget to get a pool or is a community pool better? Will being in a great neighborhood outweigh the lack of a gas stove? How can you decide between a separate office space and sharing a space with guests? You can imagine that the list goes on and on.

Buyers must prioritize their lists of wants and needs, and will usually end up making compromises along the way. A real estate agent who can help buyers work through their lists is worth their weight in gold.

Debbie Knapp is one of those agents at eXp Realty in Virginia. Undoubtedly, the fact that she has moved many times herself led to her understanding of how difficult it can be to make the right choices.

Having moved seven times in the first 14 years of marriage, I realized that I love real estate. My husband and I then began flipping houses and that increased our knowledge of every aspect of buying and selling. Then we both became Realtors to increase our knowledge to the next level. As we increased our knowledge, those we knew wanted our help. Now, this is our passion.

I feel I have a God-given gift to help others figure out what they want when looking for a new home. I love helping them find it and seeing the pure joy on their faces when I hand them the keys to their new home.”

6. To make a difference in the industry

Becoming a homeowner isn’t easy for everyone. You may be facing challenges in your life that would make you less than a prime candidate for homeownership. A real estate agent who can help you look beyond your challenges and become a homeowner will light up your life.

The real estate agent who helped her family achieve the American dream inspired Raidel Moreno Armas to do the same for others through her association with eXp Realty in Florida.

“With disbelief and tears falling down our faces, my mother signed the paperwork for our first home after only four years of arriving from our birth country, Cuba. Unimaginable experiences marked those first four years, ranging from surviving the boat trip from Cuba to being on the verge of homelessness every few months.

I admired and respected the work of the real estate agent, who unlike all agents before, believed that my mom could become a homeowner. She was the first and the strongest reason for me to decide that I would one day want to be that person for others. After only six months of graduating from college, I was enrolling in my real estate class, and within a month began my career in real estate.

I strive to be the agent that makes a difference in the industry by encouraging people to believe in their potential and the possibility to increase their wealth through the ownership of the place that they will call home. From the beginning, I have loved having the ability to share my knowledge of real estate with my clients and to guide them as they make, what for many, is the single largest investment of their lifetime.”

7. To choose a career that gives my love of people a great outlet

Some of the best agents get into real estate because they love people. Real estate is definitely a people profession. Anyone who becomes a real estate agent because they think they’ll make tons of money, or they think it’s easy will never provide the best and most successful real estate experience for you.

Finding a career that lets her love for people shine was the goal for Beth Ellis of Allen Tate in North and South Carolina.

“I worked as a loan officer for 7 years, a real estate title abstractor for 15 years. While each of these real estate careers was rewarding in their own ways, becoming a real estate agent and guiding people every step of the way is my passion and allows me to meet lots of different people.

I was a Psychology major in college and I love working with people of different personalities. The favorite part of my career is taking a first-time homebuyer from the start of the process to the closing table and seeing the pure joy on their faces. As an agent, I wear many hats. Every transaction is different and there is never a dull moment!”

Whether you’re thinking of buying, selling, or investing in real estate, you need to work with one of the real estate agents who will care about you and your goals. You need an agent who will make the real estate process understandable, help you avoid pitfalls, and put that grin on your face during closing. That’s why we created LemonBrew.

At LemonBrew, we enjoy helping people like you through the real estate process, from start to finish. We can match you with a local real estate agent who is an expert in their field. We can help you navigate the title search and review with LemonBrew Abstract, and help you find the best mortgage options. Got questions? Give us a call at 833-536-6627.