The Best Real Estate Agents Know These 4 Things

Every real estate agent is trying to be one of the best out there. Not only are things like effort, commitment, knowledge, passion, and street smarts necessary for our very own careers, but they’re also critical for our clients. After all, as a community, we’re guiding people through one of the most important parts of their lives. We’re helping the people who make up the places where we live to find the places where they’ll live – the places where they’ll raise families, start businesses, and have fun. That’s something to be proud of.

So, as a company we owe it to ourselves and our clients to match them with the best real estate agents out there, LemonBrew Partner Agents. Here at LemonBrew, we’ve thought about the traits that the best real estate agents have – and we’ve put them together for you here. This is a list of all of the things that the best real estate agents know.

1) The Best Real Estate Agents Know Their Community Intimately

The best real estate agents don’t need to be from the community to work in to know it – but having a familiarity with the community that you’re going to sell in is absolutely essential. You want a sense of the area in order to answer any questions your clients have and deliver the recommendations that they need. Get an understanding of the transportation around the area so you can inform your clients when they have some questions about commuting. How far are they going to have to go in order to get to the big work sections in the area? How close are they to major thoroughfares, airports, and other transportation hubs? What about public transportation – are there options for buses or trains in the area, and if so, how long will it take to the hubs that they need to get to?

Along with that, get a sense of the things that would attract a client to the area. Clients will ask about the school system; know where their kids might attend, and a sense of what that school is all about. How about local shopping options? Is there a place nearby like a Wal-Mart or a Target that they can get all of the household essentials? How far is the grocery store? You might even want to develop a list of some of the best restaurants in the area. Not only will that give them a good recommendation for a meal after a day of house-hunting, but it will definitely give your clients the reassuring feeling that you’re familiar with the area. The best real estate agents know their community as well as anything else in their toolkit.

Finally, be sure to get a good handle on the real estate market in your area. Keep an eye on everything that’s going on. Check in on all available resources that you might have at your disposal to survey your local market. Look at all of the transactions that are taking place. What areas are hopping, and which are quiet? What are the big sales that are happening? How about all of the big developments – schools, shopping areas, business, etc. – that might draw more attention to a specific area in town? Getting a good handle on the market in which you might live and work is integral in the quest for being one of the best real estate agents out there.

2) The Best Real Estate Agents Know the Value of Patience and Understanding

Think about all you know about real estate just to do your job. Now, think about the percentage of everyday, non-real-estate-agent people who might know perhaps a quarter of that knowledge. It’s probably pretty low, right?

So, what’s the point of that thought exercise? The best real estate agents know this: the average client might need a heavy hand when it comes to the transaction. Don’t ever assume that your client might be aware of a term that you might use on a regular basis, especially if they’re a first-time home buyer. Phrases like “escrow” might be something utterly foreign to them!

That means that patience and understanding are absolutely key. Be sure to get a sense of your clients’ knowledge level. Have patience when they ask questions, even about the most basic parts of the process. Also, have the understanding that this is a complicated and scary process for a lot of the people involved. Be sure to put yourself in their shoes. There’s always the danger – particularly for agents that have been in the industry for a long time – of falling into a dangerous trap of assuming clients “might know” or “should know” terms, or talking too much in “industry speak.”

Guard against that at all costs. Not only will this cause confusion with your clients, but it could also eventually lead to harmful misunderstandings that could derail the entire process. Strive to strike that delicate balance between over-explanation (in other words, don’t baby them) and leaving them in the dark. Every client is different. Be sure to feel each one out and explore their comfort and knowledge level.

3) The Best Real Estate Agents Know How to Listen to Their Clients

This might seem like very basic advice, but one of the things that the best real estate agents do on a regular basis? They listen to their clients – really listen to them. Sit down with them and discuss – plainly and honestly – what they’re looking for, not only in a home transaction but also in a real estate agent relationship. Ask about their preferred places or regions to live, find out their priorities (schools, commute, etc.), and try to get to know them a little on a personal level.

Talk with them openly about preferred forms of communication – do they prefer a call, a text, or an email when it comes to important documentation or scheduling? Establishing a relationship with your clients through open communication and listening carefully is essential not only for the transaction you might have with them at present; it’s also critical for the very next one that they might do. After all, the average person will move a few times in their life – a long and fruitful relationship with a real estate agent could prove beneficial to both parties.

4) The Best Real Estate Agents Keep Learning

Finally, it’s absolutely critical that real estate agents keep learning at their craft. Don’t be afraid of continuing your education or your certifications in the industry. Attend conferences and events where you can communicate and network with people throughout the industry, learn about new trends, and learn about new tools. Subscribe to industry newsletters, local publications, and other outlets that can give some inside perspective on the real estate industry and the local environment.

Another important tip? Utilize all of the online resources that are at your disposal. Find the websites that can provide an edge and the valuable information that you need. LemonBrew, for example, exists at the intersection of technology and purpose for both real estate agents and home buyers – making it a powerful resource for both parties. Along with that, LemonBrew also features a valuable library of insightful industry blogs that help simplify the home buying and selling process.