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When Is Private Mortgage Insurance Required?

By Caitlin Rutten on September 28, 2020
PMI. Most home buyers have it, but many don't know why. If you've ever had a conventional mortgage or currently are shopping around for one,...
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5 Ways to Manage Your Finances During an Uncertain Time

By Guest Blog on September 24, 2020
We know that managing your finances can be particularly stressful during these rather uncertain times. It seems like things could change at ...
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How Long Does it Take to Close on a House?

By Christina Chan on September 23, 2020
So you found your dream home, crunched the numbers to make sure you can afford it, and sent in an offer that the seller accepted. You’re a...
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Process of Building a House: What You Need to Know

By Caitlin Rutten on September 17, 2020
The process of building a house is much like a lot of very worthy things in life: complex and (frequently) lengthy, but ultimately extremely...
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7 Myths About the Mortgage Loan Process

By Christina Chan on September 14, 2020
Getting a mortgage isn’t something you do on a regular basis. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve applied for mortgages mu...
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Closing Costs – Explained

By Caitlin Rutten on September 12, 2020
As a home buyer, one of the best days of your home buying journey will be closing day. That’s when the house officially becomes yours, and...
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4 Remodeling Projects That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

By Guest Blog on September 9, 2020
If you want to increase the value of your home, remodeling is the most effective way to do it. By adding new materials and features that are...
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